Communication is Key!

Imagine starting a construction project in your home and being able to know, at any moment, where your project is in the process.  Also, imagine being able to see who will be working in your home and when. Doesn’t this sound like an idyllic way to do business with a general contractor? This is how we do business with our customers. 

When you start working with us, we add you to our system and assign a secure customer login to a portal (window) which gives you access to all the information you will need regarding your project.  With just a click of a mouse and a few keys on your keyboard or phone, you will know when the project starts, who is working when and you will see what the deadlines are for each aspect of you job. Whether it is a one week job or a two month job, you will be empowered to see your job with just a few clicks.  We believe in coming alongside our clients and working with them to get their job done.  

With this information, you will have peace of mind knowing your job is being handled with the same love and care you would give it!