DIY Gone Awry

Renovation Gone Bad Contractor with Drawings

I recently received a call from a man who was in need of our assistance.  It turns out he tried to renovate their bathroom. It seemed like a simple project at the time.  It did not take him long to realize that he was in over his head. He put the bathroom together enough that they could use it, well at least take baths.  The shower was still not working. Then he called us.  

This is not an uncommon occurrence.  With the advent of HGTV and all the DIY shows as well as all the big box hardware stores, it does not seem to daunting a task to replace or renovate a room in your home.  You can go into one of those stores and buy a fully equipped bathroom or kitchen. You can find everything from the flooring to ceiling and all that is required in between.

Although this is a great thing, there are times when you want to hire a professional contractor.  Let’s face it, once you start taking things apart, well it’s just not as easy as they make it look on tv.  

Home renovations can be stressful under the best of circumstances.  All it takes is one faulty wire or dodgy plumbing and your plans go totally down the tube, literally.  Working with a contractor can be just what you need. As a contractor, we come alongside you and help organize the project, deal with any permitting that may be required, provide you with accurate drawings that meet code and then we manage the trades that are needed to finish this project.  Even for a small bathroom project, you may need all that we referenced above and a plumber, electrician, tile installer, drywall installer as well as a painter and that’s just a small bathroom.  

It is actually a great partnership, to work with a contractor, to get the job done fast and done right. It may be counterintuitive but by working with a contractor you will actually save money and time.  More important than that is your home will be safe. What is your time, safety and peace of mind worth to you?