There Is Value In Hiring a Contractor . . . What’s Holding You Back?


When we talk to our clients after a job is done, some of the feedback we get is, “I wish I had done this sooner”.  When we dig in to find out why they didn’t, often we find one of the main reasons is that they heard horror stories of working with contractors to do their construction.  Even one of employees had her own “horror stories.”  Here she shares it in her own words.

"I had a roof that needed to be repaired.  I hired a contractor who was the husband of a coworker.  Long story short, he took the deposit, started the job, and never came back.  He left material on my roof which started flying off with the wind. We had to find another contractor to finish the job and the money was gone.  That made me gun shy to bring in anyone to do work.

Fast forward to today! I now work for BLM Construction & Remodeling, LLC and see the behind the scenes of the construction world.  I have learned so much. The biggest thing I learned is the importance of hiring a general contractor to oversee the work. I now know if I had BLM Construction & Remodeling, LLC overseeing my roof job not only would it have been done, it would have been done well, on time and on budget.  BLM Construction & Remodeling, LLC makes sure the person doing the job is where they said they should be and doing what they said they would be doing. I lost more than money on that roofing job. I lost my time to get the job done right and I lost confidence in construction in general." 

We have worked with clients who tried to oversee their own construction, manage all the contractors needed and keep track of the expenses. They soon realized they needed help.  We were able to come in and get all the contractors on the same page, helped organize the schedules to get everything done, took care of any inspections and permitting issues and managed the project budget.  

BLM Construction & Remodeling is here to make sure you don’t have any regrets.  Our goal is to come alongside you to help your dreams come true!