Where You Have to Go And Want to Stay

As I watch HGTV shows with my mom, one of our favorite things to do together, I am taken aback by how many people talk about their bathroom as a spa or retreat.  A place where they want to spend lots of time. In fact, they often say no one else can use this sacred space. I never thought of a bathroom in that way. Then I thought a little more about my life raising two busy boys.  Honestly, until I became a mom, spending time in the bathroom was not a big deal. It was a utilitarian issue. I went, took care of what I needed to and I was out. Then the little ones came and they got bigger. Suddenly, my bathroom was the only place I could go for a moment by myself.  The door was closed and I felt like it was a moment of sanctuary.  


Apparently this is not an isolated situation.  According to a survey of 2,000 British adults, the average person will spend 416 days of their life in the bathroom. More specifically, men will spend 373 days, or 23 minutes per day; and women will spend 456 days, or 29 minutes per day. It truly was eye opening for me to think about the amount of time one spends in a room.  It makes more sense why people are investing in those rooms. Afterall, if you are going to be spending that much time in your bathroom, don’t you want it to be a refreshing, inspiring room that brings you joy?


When our clients are planning their renovations, it is not surprising that a new or renovated bathroom is often at the top of their list.  These pictures are just one example of a before and after bathroom we did for a client to help them create a space they don't just have to be in but want to be in.